Thursday, February 4, 2010

MD denies same-sex marriage ban; NM advances partnership bill

The Baltimore Sun reports an article from the AP:
"Members of a Maryland House committee on Wednesday shot down a bill that would prohibit Maryland from recognizing gay marriages validated by other states or countries.
The House of Delegates Judiciary Committee voted against the proposal from Baltimore County Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr.
The same committee has rejected similar measures introduced in other years. Its vote prevents the bill from going to the House floor for debate.

In neighboring Washington, D.C., gay couples will likely be able to apply soon for marriage licenses. The district's City Council passed a bill in December legalizing same-sex marriage.

Congress oversees the district's laws, however, and the bill must pass a period of 30-day review by Congress."
Meanwhile, The Advocate's Michelle Garcia says that New Mexico's domestic partnership bill has cleared one of several hurdles. Read more about New Mexico's bill here.

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