Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arrest warrant issued for Lisa Miller in custody battle

The Advocate reports:
Arrest Warrant Issued in Lesbian Parent Custody Case
By Editors

In a high-profile same-sex parent custody case, an arrest warrant has been issued for a woman who refused to transfer custody of her 7-year-old daughter to her former partner in Vermont before disappearing.
In late January a judge in Vermont family court had given Lisa Miller of Forest, Va., 30 days to appear in court with her daughter after she had failed to turn the child over to her ex-partner, Janet Jenkins, who had been granted full custody.
In 2000 the couple joined in a civil union in the state and had a daughter, Isabella, via artificial insemination in 2002.
A year later, Miller and Jenkins ended their relationship. Miller moved to Virginia and became an evangelical Christian.
The custody dispute has attracted national attention, with Jenkins appearing on Nightline in January to tell her story. “My goal has never been to separate Isabella from her other mother, Lisa,” Jenkins said. “I just want what is best for our child, and that is to know both of her parents.”
Miller’s whereabouts have been unknown since November. In December she wrote on her Facebook page that the Vermont judge’s decision to award custody to her former partner was a “dark ruling.”

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