Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wanted: Genius Ideas!

OUTlaw seeks to maintain a friendly, welcoming, and accepting community for all students at Western New England College School of Law. We'd like for you to be involved and share your ideas with us. Below are a few questions for you to answer that will help us stay on track and accomplish our goals.

-- We want you to be involved and to get to know OUTlaw better. Do you know what OUTlaw all about? If not, how can we fix that? Are the meetings sufficiently advertised? If not, how can we more effectively get the word out about our meetings?

-- OUTlaw is a focused, determined, and fun-loving group. Is there a social event or speaking event that you would like to see OUTlaw organize?

-- Contributing to the community outside of WNEC Law is also important to OUTlaw. Are there any LGBTQ related organizations in the area that you know of that could use some help from OUTlaw?

-- OUTlaw hopes to offer a modest scholarship to an incoming student in the fall. Do you have a brilliant idea as to how we could raise the funds?

Thank you-- Your input is appreciated! Please share your thoughts via comment or contact OUTlaw at

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