Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updated: Mississippi teen files suit for violation of free speech rights

 Constance McMillen has filed suit against the Itawamba County school district alleging a violation of her freedom of speech. McMillen, an open lesbian, requested permission to bring her girlfriend to the high school's prom as well as permission to wear a tux. Her requests were denied and on Wednesday, the ACLU informed the school district that denying McMillen entrance to the prom would violate her rights. The school district decided that it was better to cancel the entire prom for all students then to abide by the constitution.

McMillen says she's felt animosity from her fellow classmates over the ordeal, but that she returned to school today because she knows that her struggle will benefit others in the long run. [ABC News]

UPDATE: Mississippi Safe School Coalition is holding a "Second Chance Prom" for LGBTQ students and allies. Read more about it on MSSC's page.

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