Sunday, January 23, 2011

Webinar: How to Create a Safe and Welcoming Campus

Please email if you are interested in attending the webinar.
When & Where
Wednesday, February 16th – 2:00-3:30pm
The Bears Den, Campus Center (May change if attendance is high, notification will go out.) 
Webinar Description
PaperClip Communications Presents
LGBTQ Students: Creating a Safe and Welcoming Campus
According to recent reports, LGBTQ students on campus may find the campus environment to be less than welcoming – an environment that may discourage them from succeeding at all levels of the institution. Even putting them at risk for failure.
Within this year alone we have seen a number of national stories related to bullying, discrimination and unfortunately, suicide, in relation to LGBTQ individuals on U.S. college campuses.
LGBTQ community members are a part of the academic tapestry and diversity of higher education -- as students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumnae, and community volunteers.   
Academia can address the emerging issues and concerns impacting LGBTQ people within institutions of higher education

Earlier in the academic year, the most comprehensive national report on the LGBTQ experience on U.S. campuses was released --- “The State of Higher Education for LGBT People”.

Join our presenters as they share the current landscape of today's LGBTQ campus experience and help you identify specific strategies  - short-term and long-term changes your campus can adapt and implement to address the needs of your LGBTQ population.

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